Surprise Visit from Aunt with a Broken Leg

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Surprise Visit from Aunt with a Broken Leg

Post by rosebush on Sun Apr 06, 2014 2:32 pm

Dream starts with me writing out 2 envelopes with letters.  One is to my handyman and another is unknown.  I can't remember exactly what was written in the messages, but it wasn't exactly a thank you note and wasn't any sort of a love note.  It made perfect sense to me while I was writing the message and I had no apprehension about what I wanted to say.

I was lucid from sleeping in my bed and son Benjamin is a young child in this dream.  He is all enthusiastic and all over the bed.  I'm pondering over the note and concerned that the handyman would mistake the note for something other than it was meant.  I have thoughts that I would drive to his place and wait for the mail to arrive to remove the note from his mailbox.  

We hear the rumbling of a car out front.  I don't know who it is, but Benjamin is running off to the front door all excited like he used to be when he was young.  I get out of bed and head to the living room.  I'm a little uncomfortable, thinking my house may not be company ready.  It is my aunt Dianne.  She walks in to sit on the couch and I see she has a cast on her left foot/lower leg.  She has a big bowl of food, covered with a wrap.  Believing she has come to bring me this.  

Dream ends and I wake up.  I guess this is what is called a lucid dream.  When I awoke for a while I had a hard time separating the dream from reality.  

Any help welcome!  

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