the toilets had shagpile seatcovers

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the toilets had shagpile seatcovers

Post by Brydie on Mon Mar 24, 2014 1:41 pm this an oldie but a goody..ive seen some bits confirmed so now..yeah putting it out 4 confirmation please people's. ..I saw a friends family..but it wasn't really their family..I could see it was partly a ministry im involved with in our friends family plau guitar and are into rock n in the dream tgey showing me their new jammmin room..I walk in n realise its actually the ministry...tgeres shagpile n rocknroll stuff everywhere, it then leads into a bathroom where a line of toilets with shagpile the bottom(where you urinate into the bowl) of toilet is posters of some of the pinup posters....then dream walks back out to room and me and hubby laying on floor holding hand intimately watching as the mum(could tell wasn't actually real mum of the family, but probably my closest idea to a mum) of family is criticizing a young girl I work with in ministry telling her she didn't feed the dog enough...the girl did do good job...but couldn't win over criticism......

Revelations thus far....the mother of the ministry was very critical and unforgiving......any ideas on toilets n setup?

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