Ceiling Leaking Repetitive Dreams

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Ceiling Leaking Repetitive Dreams

Post by afterhisheart on Fri Jan 09, 2009 2:03 pm

Hi all! WOW...God is giving dreams to several of us that attend the same church and one who does not. One of the common elements is that a ceiling is leaking or that there is plumbing problems. Our church did just purchase a building that has some major ceiling leakage problems...which we knew up front. The purchase of this building has been a vision of ours for at least a decade and now we were finally able to purchase it. It is hard to believe it is a mistake...we know full well there are many problems with the building. Is it something else God is warning us about or does it have spiritual meaning? Also a common theme is one families' hired man (IRL) is always checking things over and another man who doesn't like to work (neither of these attend our church.
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