My Father Is Going To Find Me

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My Father Is Going To Find Me

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sat Mar 08, 2014 7:26 am

The dream started out with me being outside of my house. The weather was pretty nice, like it was spring or even summer. Down the block in front of my neighbors' house was my real life father. I guess you could say that he was distracted by those neighbors. I was NOT happy that he was so close! In fact, I felt awful - and even a bit panicky - that he was in my neighborhood. I needed to leave, like right away. I knew that if he saw me standing in front of my house, he'd learn my address, and the thought of that made me very uneasy.

I hurried to get to my car, knowing that I only had a few moments before he'd be heading up this way. As I went to do so, I was caught by a guy from work named Adam. His behavior in the dream fits how he is in real life: He stopped me to either ask a question or tell me a story, but he was oblivious to the fact that I had something important to do. He's not a bad person, he just doesn't realize that I hardly ever had time to chat. Well, it was the same in the dream. I put up with whatever he was asking or telling me, and then it felt like I was too late to get away. I never actually interacted with my father, and I don't even think that he was physically any closer than he was at the start, but I felt like he must have seen me, and now there was no escape. Adam asked about it, and I explained that I was trying to avoid being found. He understood that he had detained me, and he felt bad about that. I said something to the effect of, "He would have found me, anyway," like it wasn't completely his fault. I went on to explain that even if he didn't see me right then and there, he knew that he was in my neighborhood. Because he had met my neighbors, he now knew their address. When he had the opportunity, he could search for their address on Google Maps and then "scroll" down my street until he saw my house. I told Adam that the address is right on the front of my house, and that he'd be able to see that in the image.


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