A country on fire and a pastor who runs from the fire.

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A country on fire and a pastor who runs from the fire.

Post by steadygaze on Sat Mar 08, 2014 7:14 am

Hello precious ones.


I was with this church I do not know in real life. This church was different we would have activities and when I did not attend the activity or over paid for something I would not get my money back. Then the pastor decided to take people on a mission trip to a third would country. So I went with them. We went to this really dark third world country and while we were there it caught on fire. The fire was not good people were screaming and some of us were helping them put out the fire and the pastor said run!! So we ran to outrun the fire to a safe place. I did not understand why we did not help the people fight the fire because it was horrific. So we all stop and look back and all you could see was black smoke and a ragging fire. I wanted to take a picture to help people be aware of what was taking place to pray. The pastor got upset and told me not to take a picture and he said," So you want to take a picture to gloat!" I was a bit taken back like what!? No!! I was amazed that we came to minister to these people and instead of helping them with the fire we saved our own skin, I wanted to go back to help the people fight the fire with water.
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