A Teacher's House

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A Teacher's House

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Tue Mar 04, 2014 10:13 am

I was standing outside of a house that I knew was located on the busiest street in my city. I looked at the house and saw that it was small and a little dated. I paid close attention to the roof. Somehow, I could tell that wood or even coal may be used to heat it. I knew this from looking at a chimney. Because of that, I didn't seem to approve of it at first. Then, just as I thought about how I wouldn't go for it, I saw the state of the roof change. That chimney was gone, and I saw a shorter, smaller chimney in a different location on the roof. This told me that the house was now heated by a different, updated fuel source. Now it seemed to be alright with me. I also noted that there was a section of roof that seemed to be permanently "fixed" with what looked like a really heavy-duty tarp. It may have covered about half of the roof, split right down the middle. I don't know what I thought about this, but I didn't necessarily disapprove.

Now I'm inside the house. With me are my sister and her daughter. The owner of the house was also there - a woman who was older than us, but not old enough to be our mother, like at an in-between age, we'll say. She was a teacher, and that was how my sister and niece knew her. I'm not completely sure of why we were there, but it felt like I was supposed to be checking out this house...like, maybe for my own purchasing. Just as I thought from the outside, the inside was small...but, I felt that the size would've been perfect for me. I thought about what it was that I would actually need vs. the size of my real house, and I acknowledged that a smaller house would have had many advantages that I would have appreciated now that I understood what those advantages were.

My sister and niece left for a moment, and while they were gone I saw some pictures hanging on the wall. There were three of them, each of a different - but similar - girl that I knew to be the teacher's three daughters. They were probably my niece's age if not a bit younger. While they were young, I felt like they may be living out on their own...

My sister and niece eventually returned, and we left the house.

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