The Church is Against Me!

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The Church is Against Me!

Post by Spiritdaughter77 on Mon Mar 03, 2014 10:55 am

(First of all I am having trouble with my memory as my illness causes me to have major memory issues so please bare with me as I can't recall all of the details but here are the main points to this dream)
I went to this weekly prayer group that takes place every week with different churches throughout the area at a larger church as we all come together in prayer. Each church group has their own room. So I went to join my church in their room and we did not have enough chairs so I went next door to the next room to ask my brother and sisters in Christ if we could borrow a few chairs. The leader from that group was not happy about it as she claimed they needed the chairs and because she was expecting more people to join them that evening but as I looked around there were so many chairs that were available and clearly they could have parted with some chairs but she said no and would not allow me to take any chairs. So I was angry as I joined my group in disbelief as to why "Christians" are so cut-throat and not willing to help each other out and how they were all being selfish in their ways. I began calling people out and discussing how true followers of Christ should act and how we should conduct ourselves. As I am talking with my group and getting on everyone about selfishness and other sins. A lady in the group began to tell me how I was wrong and that she was concerned that I was full of evil and of satan. As she did not like the fact that I was calling out the church. Once she started more people from our church joined her including another woman (which in reality is one of the women from my actual church who is one of the elders wives and church leader) who began saying the same thing and how I was wrong and of satan. I was angry and furious with the church at that point as they refused to hear that they are in sin and not acting like Christians according to God's word. I was so upset I walked out of the room. I then made the decision to leave as I had enough of the foolishness and wanted no part of this group anymore. I noticed as I was leaving the building I looked over into the room and I noticed that there was one person in the group who stood up on my behalf and began to share how she felt I was right and that the church was wrong in their reaction to me. And this person was my best friend (and it was my actual best friend in reality). I continued to leave still upset and remember walking down the street in disbelief and frustration as I was making plans to speak with my pastor on how the church was up against me. I was done and felt like giving up. Any thoughts to this dream, I am having a hard time trying to discern if the Lord is trying to say something to me or if this is satan messing with me and wanting me to be angry with the church because in reality I am often the one they call a radical and the one who tends to call out ones sin (keep in mind I also invite other Christians to call out my sins if they see so and get me back on track so I am not trying to be a hypocrite but I am truly one who wants to please God and is passionate about living for Christ and picking up the cross daily.) I am one who does not like the gospel sugar coated and one who hates sins. For my heart is truly to see my brothers and sisters as well as myself doing right by the Lord and holding each other accountable and doing what the Lord has called us to do.

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