Sister's Nighttime Ritual

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Sister's Nighttime Ritual

Post by rosebush on Mon Mar 03, 2014 3:24 am

Dreamed of staying with my sister at a beach in a cabin.  Sister let's me know it's 'her thing' to lay out on the ocean shore front half in the water at night, naked.  I thought it was strange in the dream and didn't participate.  In the dream I shared what she was planning to do with a random stranger and then was concerned for her safety.  Wondering what the naked nighttime shoreline soak could be about.  

TYVM!  Rose

P.S. Wondering if it isn't safe for this 'sister' to become estranged from me.

The shoreline for me is often a place where I am shown the bottom line truth of something, that I may not be seeing by light of day. And the nighttime may be an issue of darkness. The only ritual I believe done by who the sister represents is giving out prophetic words wherever she goes, daily, which is something I don't participate much in. She's just immersed in it. I told her I just see the new testament prophet as a guiding light, there to help but don't feel called to do other people's hearing for them as that creates handicaps. Greatly appreciate any thoughts!

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