Flooring of house rotting out, and getting flooded!

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Flooring of house rotting out, and getting flooded!

Post by Daisy on Mon Feb 24, 2014 5:48 am

I had a dream of my old boss, I used to be her nanny and run her household.  In all my previous dream, she has been symbolic for my best friend who has a lot of similar qualities as her. In real life both are extremely wealthy, and very particular in how they run their households, and both of them are also very generous and tenderhearted, and loving people. Even though this is true, they are both also used to getting things their way, and can be very selfish at times too (cant we all though).  In this dream, my boss didn't live in a luxurious home at all. She actually lived in a trailer, that was starting to fall apart.

I had a pair of shoes that I found on sale in my size, and they looked just like a pair of my boss' expensive shoes. They were open toed wedge sandals, with fabric leather type bow that went where the toes would go.  The color was tan on the wedge and foot part, but the leather bow was black.  I was kind of embarrassed that she seen that I had bought some like hers, bc I was copying off of her style.  I pretended that I actually bought them for her, when really I bought them for myself.  The size was a bit too small for her, but they did fit me.  I told her I found them for $5 and I couldn't resist buying them for that price. I pretended to be like, 'Ok, I guess I will keep them for myself then.' I think she knew I bought them for myself, and she wasn't mad about it.  I think she may have felt little flattered that I wanted to copy off her style. She was always pretty nurturing and sensitive towards me, even though I was her nanny irl.

I could see her daughter, who had braces in the dream.  She didn't look healthy to me.  I felt some concern for her.

I went into the bathroom, and near the big jacuzzi tub my foot went through the rotting floor beneath!  I took another step, and my foot went through the floor again!!  I couldn't believe it was falling apart!!  This was so unlike my boss to let anything not be properly taken care of like this!  As I look back at the dream, there was quite a bit of clutter around the house (not like she would keep it normally, she hated clutter). There were a lot of live little plants around the house too. Not big ones, smaller potted plants around all the rooms.

My boss and I were now in her bedroom, and then she realized the edge of her floor was flooding in!  We lifted the old tattered carpeting, and we could see water flooding in from outside!  She was upset, and said, "GREAT!!  What am I going to do now!!!!?????"

This is really all I can remember of the dream....

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