Where Are My Keys

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Where Are My Keys

Post by wiselisa58 on Sat Feb 22, 2014 10:09 am

In my dream, I got out of my car and I was going to finish walking back to my house. I was just down the street from my house. It wasn’t too far. I grabbed my purse then I noticed these men starting to come towards me and I noticed that they were drunk. I could also sense that they were underage and was concerned that they were going to try to get my purse. So, I was telling them not to come near me and to stay away from my car.

Then it’s like a lot of people started surrounding my car. I saw this girl that I knew and her child sitting on my car. I was telling them to get off my car. I was telling the men to get off my car also. I decided to call 911 to report them and let them know that they were underage and had been drinking. As I was talking to the 911 operator I put my key in the car and I left the door opened. This man came up and grabbed my keys out of my car. I started giving the operator the description of the man and I was running after him to get my keys back. I saw this girl I knew and told her that he took my keys. She started running after of him too.

He ran into this place and when I got into the place I didn’t see him anywhere. I was running asking people had they seen him and they were telling me no. I told them I knew that he was in there. Then I noticed a flyer/postcard with his picture on it and I was showing it to everyone. People started leaving and that’s when I noticed him coming into the building. And everyone started chanting with me, “Where Are My Keys”. This occurred for a while. Then I woke up.

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Re: Where Are My Keys

Post by Shan on Sun Feb 23, 2014 9:22 pm

I think this is what your dream means. Pray about it though.

In your dream you got out of your car and decided to walk to your destination, which would slow down your arrival time. Modes of transportation can mean types of ministry or a way of getting to God's destination for you.

When you got out of your car, you weren't as safe as you would have been if you had remained in your car. The underaged drinkers could represent an illegal attack on you from the enemy. He has no right to be doing what he is doing. You call for "Help," which is exactly what you should do. You also grab your purse and are watchful over it as well and you keep it with you. Purses carry our identification (your identity) and what we have labored for or "stored"  (money.)

When you left the door open to your car, you "opened a door" to the enemy which gave him access to your "keys."

You had someone you knew (or a friend) run after this person with you. It may be that someone that will stand with you in agreement against the "enemy," which is a good thing. You then ran into a store (it may represent a church as a church is a "storehouse") asking for help, but they don't know who you are talking about. You find a picture though (proof of his identity) and they agree with you also because they said, "Where are MY keys," not "Where are HER keys?" It seems like your offense becomes their offense. They share the attack with you or share your burden.

I think this is a warning not to slow down in getting to where God want you to go, because in doing so you give the enemy an open door to steal the keys to your future destination. I think the underaged kids could be a separate attack. They had no legal right to be doing what they are doing. But praise God, you will know to call on God for help and people will be there as well to demand repayment of what was stolen. Most of this can be avoided though! Praise God! This dream is a blessing! I have learned something from it and I believe others will too!

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