I asked God for a dream to help me and this is what I dreamt..

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I asked God for a dream to help me and this is what I dreamt..

Post by shortsaler on Fri Feb 21, 2014 3:41 pm

Someone was getting married. So Nubi and Jasmine were staying at my house so that way we could all leave for the hotel together. The wedding was in Puerto Rico and we were staying in a hotel at the airport for a night before we flew out.

First we wake up and when we leave I took my car by myself. As we are driving down SR 60 I realize I am naked. I go to make a u-turn , I didn't see any cars coming, so I turn and see a BUNCH of cars coming in my direction, I was so confused because I couldn't understand why both sides of SR 60 were headed west. Then I saw the sign that said I couldn't make a left hand turn or a u-turn, even tho it wasn't there when I originally went to turn. I make my way very quickly back to the right hand side of the road and right away see a place where I can make a u-turn. When I made a u-turn, there was this big moving truck that was corporate with a very nice woman driving it. She didn't seem to be paying attention and also didn't seem to be able to drive the truck that well, when I went to make the turn, she almost hit me, and then stopped and apologized profusely.

Next I'm at the airport I see Jasmine. She tells me that her and her sister get to ride first class. It seemed like her sister was the one getting married. We stayed at the airport hotel and I'm in a room by myself on floor 16. I fall asleep, and the next day I get up to go see Jaz and her family in their room. Once I get there, I realize that I am running late and I need to get my dress for the wedding on and get my make up finished. When I get in the elevator, I realized that I didn't bring my hotel room key. A woman was in the elevator with her child, and she told me that I could grab one of the unprogrammed room keys, and bring it to the front desk and they would program it for my room. Once i got down there, this girl cut in front of my. She had a lot of stuff in her hand, it almost felt like a grocery store, and she had to pay for all of those items. I became angry because I was first and running late, and I didn't want to be held up with all of her items. I told her no, I'm late, and then pushed thru and got my key.

While I was down there, I figured I would check out to save time when I was leaving. I go to a different desk and also decide that I would go ahead and book another room for when we fly back. At that time, I realized that it was stupid that I was staying in a room by myself and I didn't realize why I was not in the same room as Jasmine. It hit me that I was alone the entire time, driving there, and staying at the hotel I was kept isolated. Even for the flight, Jaz would be sitting in a different section. While I was waiting at the next desk, the same girl shows up and it was a huge fight, I ended up slapping her in the face. When I turn around, I see a girl standing behind the desk; I knew she was with and related to the girl I slapped. (In real life, the girl I saw standing behind the desk, is a girl that stole my bathing suite a couple months ago, and has recently moved in next door with Carlos) When I saw her, she thru my bathing suite towards me. Once I got it back, all of my anger was gone.

Next thing I know, I'm on an island walking on the beach. On the shore, there are tigers laying in the sand along the coast. The tigers were on my right. I knew that there were salt water alligators in the ocean, and that the tigers would go nuts if they saw an alligator, I keep walking down the shore and all of the tigers are laying down and sleeping. I look in the water ahead of me, and I see two floating masses right on the shore line. As I get closer I see that they are two dead elephants floating in the water. I got scared and then I noticed an alligator coming up to the shore from the water. I look ahead and see a line of life guard towers and start to run towards them. At this time, I realize that I had a tiger following me, and it was like it was my tiger. This tiger was different tho, he was gray and black, unlike the orange and black. And his claws were very long with sparkly green nail polish. As I'm running towards the towers, I can see the people are panicked and on guard. I see another very nice woman ( not the same one that almost hit me on 60 but very similar.) I reach for her and she reaches down and helps pull me up on her stand. Another man appeared and he was very hostile and scared. My tiger tried to jump up as well because he was scared. The guy tazed him and I felt so awful for my tiger, and I was just cowering in the corner. The tiger appeared to be dead, but then he leaped up and attacked the guy that tazed him. Me and the woman were both on the same page that we thought it was wrong for the guy to taze my tiger and then it was like we knew the guy was dead but we never saw him body.

Then it was as if we were on a ship. All of the other animals were locked up except for my tiger because he was different. We were walking to the mess hall, and this chef is walking towards us. I told my tiger not to do anything, but we could both sense that he was not a happy man.It's vague what happens next, I think my tiger went to attack him but I yelled at him not to. And he stopped, I remember feeling so happy my tiger obeyed me. Then me and the nice woman are sitting at a table eating grits that I made. Then my tiger walks up with a bowl of grits that he attempted to make, but he didn't cook them all the way. I made fun of him a little and gave him a bowl of grits that I made.

Then it was like the ship docked at a sand bar and we all got off, running towards a different island. All of the animals were still in their cages sitting in the shallow water. Me and my tiger and all of the people were gallivanting thru the water and we felt so free and I felt so good that my tiger was able to run with me instead of being caged up.

And thats it.

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