End of the World dream

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End of the World dream

Post by airrykah on Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:15 am

This is a dream that I had twice which was somewhat different but there was a similarity that link the two. In the first dream I was in this small town in the country and everyone was looking up at the sky when we noticed something disturbing. There was a black line going across the entire sky. It looked very weird and for some reason I knew that it was the end of time. I think a ladder came down eventually and people began to walk into the sky. In this dream I met Jesus. I began to praise Him and I remember being scared but excited. there was more dream that took place after this which was random because me and some other people were shopping in some market place after this happened which made it not seem so much like the end anymore.
In the second version of this dream I was in this same small country town and I noticed everyone looking up at the sky again in fear. When I looked up I saw an airplane that was exploding. In the dream I knew that it was some sort of missile. After its explosion it was like the plane was coming at us. One thing that stood out was that the same black line appeared again in the sky. I got the same feeling that it was the end of the world. Again, after all of this the dream continued as if nothing ended and my family was in the house watching tv and carrying on like usual.

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