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Papaw's money

Post by Shan on Sun Feb 09, 2014 1:20 pm

Yea! After a season of not dreaming, I finally had one. It is pretty self-explanatory.

I dreamed my grandpa was dying. IRL he died 5 yrs ago. He knew he was dying and was grieved about it, so he went and withdrew from the bank all of his money in cash. He had several bundles of fresh $100.00 bills like the bank would keep in a vault. He wanted to give this money to his kids and grandkids in cash so we wouldn't have to pay taxes. He gave everyone 2 bundles, which I somehow knew was about $2000.00. Then he died and initially I didn't feel much grief as we were not that close, but I had more of a bond with him than I did with my grandma. Then I realized no one was grieving for him the way I thought they should and I began to weep for him uncontrollably, like I was weeping for everyone.

Then I was back at his house, which didn't look like his house in real life, and I noticed about two or three more bundles of money in the same bag that he gave us the money from before. I knew somehow that there were two people who had their sights on that money, who I didn't think were relatives. I had never met them before, but they knew my grandpa somehow. I wanted that left-over money at first out of greed, but then I realized that I was his grandchild and I was more entitled to it than they were. My other relatives, who lived close to him IRL and in the dream, didn't claim it so I did. EOD.

Side note: I have been bothered by the churches relentless focus on family curses to the third and fourth generation as mentioned in Exodus and the lack of attention to the verse that comes immediately after that which says that the Lord will bless those who love Him to a thousand generations. So, just a couple of days ago I had a conversation with the Lord about it and I asked for the inheritance that my ancestors have stored up for me. I even asked God to bless my living relatives who have no clue that they have any type of inheritance. I then asked for any inheritance that they reject, as well as anything that has gone unclaimed by my ancestors. My grandpa in real life was a preacher, but he had a very dysfunctional family. He really was not that good of a father as none of his kids or grandkids follow the Lord except for me and maybe one other cousin. I did feel love for my grandpa as he always received me with a hug when I saw him twice a year, but there was some resentment on my part because of the way he raised my dad, which has negatively impacted me. I think God was showing me that my papaw really did leave an inheritance and the grief he showed in the dream may be regrets he felt while here on earth.
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