Being Shaken Spiritually While Sleep

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Being Shaken Spiritually While Sleep

Post by MoniqueBrown555 on Wed Feb 05, 2014 11:00 am

I was Sleep and Woke up but still sleep I think, I was shaking .. I said ,is it a earthquake still shaking turned over While shaking and went back to sleep...

Next dream..

Im sleep and woke up in my grandma old house and I felt like someone woke me up . I got up and I saw my aunt , mom coming out the kitchen side door going out the side front door not the main front door of my grandma house .(IRL grandma house burnt down and she barely got out Its been like 3 or 4 years and its still not built back all the way yet.) It was dark in the house. I got up and ran to like side door to the kitchen where they come out from when i open it I saw in the kitchen on the floor alot of cats white ones looked like.. I quickly shut the door saying what is all these cats doing in grandma house.. I ran to the door they went out of and look as they was getting in the car and my uncle was with them and they was getting in a car and he said who army she in smiling .. I turned around and kind of jumped cuz I thought about the snake we found at that door when I was very little then I ran toward the back door and looked up and saw spider web over the door and I fan above my head before I ran out..I ran next door I was at the front of my moms old house and asked where my daughter where my car was she said in the living room.. Then I was at my moms side door I went to go in the house and I saw someone I new from school come out the house I said michael he saw I was scared about grandma and he ran around me and from the back was holding me. Then I reached up on my head and pulled of a like a circle type weave that covered that top patch of my hair . I pulled it off and then reached and grabed my hair and it was coming out. Then I thought about grandma that her hair is white like that it was her hair after I woke up.. I really don't no.
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