Repost Mixed Rabbits at my Aunts house.

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Repost Mixed Rabbits at my Aunts house.

Post by hisbeauty4ashes on Fri Jan 09, 2009 9:30 am

Hi precious ones,

I need confirmation and help with this dream.


went to my aunts house. I saw these two boys playing baseball in my
aunt and uncles yard. As I walked up I saw this rabbit mixed with like
a dog and I was like, what
Then as I continue to walk up to my aunts house I see all these rabbits
with different mixes and I am like this is weird they look almost
Monsterous. :duhh:
I asked the two boys what were up with these rabbits? They acted as if
it was normal. I go inside I go into the computer room and someone
needed help with a broken computer I use to use when I lived there
years ago. My cousin asked me to help put this smashed computer back
together. Then I go into my aunts kitchen and I see a circle of people
around this lady and my aunt was going to pray for her for something.
As I watched my aunt put her hand on the lady to pray I was concerned
for the lady getting prayer and the Lord gave me like X ray vision that
I could see this lady had cancer and no one else in the room seemed to
know, and so from behind this counter I began to blow on the lady and
all of a sudden the lady fell on the floor and my aunt could not
believe this lady got slain in the by her because she did not believe
in it, my aunt was shocked. :crazy:
I then walked away with out saying a word. I go into my aunts bedroom
for something, and I see this new born rabbit Lamb mix. The rabbit had
a short body with half the face like a Lamb and sheep long baby legs
and I was like what the heck is this! :jawdrop:

Thanks and Happy New Year!

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