dreamed of a taxi cab

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dreamed of a taxi cab

Post by promisedchild on Mon Feb 03, 2014 3:12 pm

I dreamed I was in front of my house and suddenly a taxi cab pulled up and there appeared two twin girls and another little girl in the cab. the cab driver said that my husband and I could only watch them for the weekend I went up stairs to grab the money for the driver and it was 4.oo dollars I came back and she said the fare was already paid for. she then tells me she does commercials and that she came from down south she was very pleasant I went back in the house with the children and I saw a lot of family there as if they were waiting for these kids to arrive. IRL we don't have children.

The following week I dreamed about another taxi cab and this time I was looking in the phone book for a taxi cabs number to get home but I never got a chance to find it. what does a taxi cab mean? scratching chin 
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