Falling Into Sewage (Passing through Flames) Airplane Crash

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Falling Into Sewage (Passing through Flames) Airplane Crash

Post by v3ryan on Mon Feb 03, 2014 12:20 pm

Last night I had several dreams which I felt were important and had important meanings.

The first dream I had I was on my laptop, and I played an audio message of some kind of girls voice saying, "Come on in!" (Part of a movie or YouTube clip Or something) and I heard the door to my apartment over.  I saw a bunch of girls standing there, apparently hearing the clip and thinking I was inviting them in.  My apartment in real life tends to be messy, and I didn't want these people in my apartment either because it was still a mess.  Nonetheless they began to tour my apartment.  However, one of their friends went missing, we found their friend, a guy, who fell into this sewage thing below the floor.  (No, I don't have a sewage thing below any floors :P)  He had apparently been there for a while when we were searching for him, and he was covered in it.  I extended my hand to help him out, but it was so gross, feces was smeared on my hand, I went to was my hands, and I ended up removing my clothes because they too were covered in sewage, at one point I was naked in the dream, and trying to get out of the situation.  I unfortunetly don't quite remember the entire thing very well.

The second dream I had me and some friends were at an airport travelling somewhere.  I helped two of my friends (one of which is in a wheelchair in real life) get on a plane, I then told the flight attendant I needed to go back and get my bag.  The flight attendant accompanied me off the plane.  I saw my Dad, and asked him about the bag, and he told me airport security had taken it because it was abandonded on airport property.  (In the dream it was a white bag)  As we walked back to the plane I made mental notes about having to buy more clothes at our destination, and my dad started going off in this angry rant about attacking the security guards who took my bag.  We got on the plane, and the plane started backing up.  It was a slightly odd plane configuration, where I was sitting in a seat, my friend in the wheelchair was sitting in her wheelchair sideways in front of me (some kind of wheelchair spot) and her boyfriend, my other friend, was sitting in a seat directly in front, but his seat was facing mine.  I asked him if he wanted to move to the seat besides mine, since his was rear-facing.  I don't remember what he said, but he didn't really chane seats as I recall, the plane kept backing up (as in I was now the one reversing from my perspective) and instead of going on an asphalt runway, we took off on a grass strip.  We got in the air, but then at this point, in the dream I seemed to shift roles, as I was no longer in the plane, but on the ground.  I saw the plane crash on the ground, I remember seeing the tail seperate from the rest of the plane.  I rushed over, and saw that everyone was dead except my friend, and my landlord's dog. (not the wheelchair friend)  I helped my friend out.  There was a fire by the exit, and while I'm not sure how I got out unburned, my friend, who couldn't walk, was forced to be dragged through the fire in order to escape.  I remember my friend had changed to someone else, but his jaw opened unusually wide from the pain of the fire.  He had survived the crash, but had been emotionally scarred from it.  End of dreams.

I think I might have an interpretation for the plane dream.  The escaping through the fire reminds me of 1st Corinthians 3:15.  Not entirely certain of the rest however.

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