Urinating and a Basement

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Urinating and a Basement

Post by Beaubyen on Fri Jan 31, 2014 7:19 am

I had these two dreams on the same night.
1. I was at a shopping center and searching for a bathroom. When I found it, it was off the main public area of the mall and the door was a saloon-style door. I didn't appreciate the lack of privacy but went through the doors anyway. the "bathroom" was a small closet with only a toilet in it and room for nothing else. Two black men (strangers to me in the dream and in life) appeared outside the door and one sat on either side. I used the toilet (urinated) and when I finished the man on my left turned to me, reached over the door and handed me some toilet paper. I used it and when I used it I realized it was blood. I stood up to leave and when I looked back in the bowl, the man did too, and I was a little embarrassed. Somewhere in this dream a co-worker (Kelly) was present, I just don't remember where, but at some point in the beginning if the dream.

2. I was in a car and a co-worker (Kelly) who was driving (Incidentally, I also have a sister named Kelly, but this co-worker Kelly appeared in a dream previous to these two as well as these two.). We ended up at a large office complex and when we got out of the car, we were met by a man and a woman (both strangers to me in the dream and in life). I had to find bathroom and so we began walking through the complex to find one. When we arrived it was at a pool area with children and families playing all around. Again, though, the door opened onto a public area. This time it was a regular door, but the bathroom was the same - a small closet with only a toilet just inside and facing out.) I used the bathroom (urinated) and when I came out a woman (a stranger to me in the dream and in life) who was sitting on the bench just outside the door began to chat with me. We immediately hit it off and decided to stay in touch. I turned to the man (the stranger in the beginning of the dream) to ask him for a pen. None of us had one, but since he knew us both he said he'd help us connect. I woke up

I don't mean to take up so much time and space, but the dream I had about a week before the night of these two may or may not be connected, but I feel I should add it to this.
I was looking for a small table for my office (which I am doing in waking life) and went down to a basement (at the office? I don't know, there isn't one in life) to see if I could find one there. A woman from my church, was the 'clerk' in place to help visitors find what they were looking for. We determined that she did not have the kind of table I was looking for and suggested I go the the further basement. I became uncomfortable with the idea of going any lower and told her so. Just at that time Kelly (same co-worker Kelly, above) came up the stairs from the lower basement to where we were. i woke up.

Thank you so much for your insights.

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