Storm and Semi-Truck

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Storm and Semi-Truck

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Fri Jan 31, 2014 6:49 am

First off, I do not own or drive a semi-truck.

I was at my parents' place. I was outside in the front yard. My mother was nearby, although I don't think I looked at her or even interacted with her. I looked up to the sky and saw something that concerned me - let me attempt to describe this: There was a strip, like an alleyway, of clear sky. This strip began somewhere far off in the distance, further than I could see. It passed over where I was and, I assume, continued on behind me. However, there were two storms on either side of this band of clear sky. When I saw this, I knew that we'd have to take cover, quickly.

I ran out to near the edge of the property - not towards the road, but towards the side of the lot - to where my semi-truck and trailer were parked. I moved it because I felt that I needed to, although I wasn't putting it anywhere safe - in fact, that didn't even seem to be the goal. I just HAD to move it. When I was done, I still thought that the storm was going to end up setting this thing on its side.

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