Dream about a dragon

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Dream about a dragon

Post by shany on Tue Jan 28, 2014 11:29 pm

I had the weirdest dream. In my dream I was watching a game on tv. It was a live game that was happening at night. I noticed the moon was red. I remember thinking "These people can't be serious. Watching this game and the moon is red". I dashed outside to take a picture. It was a beautiful night even though the moon was red. The sky was filled with stars. I noticed some of the stars were acting strange. Some were moving. Some were disappearing. Two women were walking my way they were dressed like Muslims. I said to them look a shooting star. When I looked at the falling star again as it got closer to earth I noticed it was not a star but a transparent dragon. This thing was huge. I watched as the creature hit the earth right across the street from where I was standing. (I was standing in the doorway of my childhood home). I waited for the dust to clear so I can take a pic. I remember praying "Lord please don't let this thing see me." I got a clear picture of the dragon. I remembered thinking to my self as I looked at the picture I took of him, "I have proof you were here". As he got up I heard him say "He still did this knowing I would destroy...." I didn't know if he meant earth or another planet. Then he took flight.

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