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Post by TheWhiteShadow on Tue Jan 28, 2014 6:51 am

I was avoiding a man. I expected him to find me, but for the time being I hid behind a corner. He wanted to sell me something that I didn't want. He had spiders to sell - enough to fill his hands cupped together. The spiders were small, which meant that he had a lot of them. To transport them, though, he had to keep them in his mouth. When he found me, he tried to sell them to me. I wasn't interested, but I understood that the idea was that I'd buy them and then resell them for a profit. I didn't want anything to do with it, but he went on to say, "The Mexicans love these things..." as if there was a group that I could turn around and sell them to, immediately. I didn't buy them.

I temporarily posted this one, yesterday, to be interpreted. However, after I did, I just felt like I shouldn't have. I don't even see anything wrong with the dream, but I deleted it, anyway. That "prompting" actually led me into a short study about God wanting us to keep some things secret unless released to share. This morning, I feel like it's ok to share now that I know what it applies to.

I went all night at work, yesterday, expecting someone to say something "threatening." That's what I thought the spiders might be. However, the selling and profiting part never made sense. In fact, the dream manifested without me even noticing until I read it again, today.

The unknown man had a lot of small spiders to sell. In real life, the man who was "selling spiders" was actually a coworker selling squares for a Super Bowl pool at $25 a piece. He's asked me multiple times if I wanted in on it, and I never felt like I should.

The part of "reselling them for a profit" is about winning some or all of the pool.

I also didn't understand the line that the man said in the dream, but now I see that this was a part of our conversation, yesterday. The guy went on about how he had actually sold some squares to a few Hispanic coworkers that he hardly, if ever, interacts with. One of the men flat out told him that he doesn't watch or understand football, but he bought a square simply for the chance to win. He even told the seller that he'd have to let him know if he won anything - that's how disconnected he is from the sport.

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