Melting Cat

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Melting Cat

Post by justicarjamie on Mon Jan 27, 2014 7:20 pm

I was moved into a new home. My cat was near the door looking at another grey cat that somehow got in the door. I realized this cat was hurt, and had a broken bone when I went to try and pick it up. I thought to get rid of the cat so that I didnít have to deal with it, and try and put it outside. Before I could do anything, the cat looked scary, and itís head fell off and body turned a sickening pinkish color, and it was gooey. I woke up from this dream feeling frightened.


Post by TheWhiteShadow on Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:35 pm
Hi, Jamie -

My thoughts on this dream are that the new cat represents a person that has entered your life - or will soon. Since you just moved into a new home in the dream, I would expect that this person enters in when you've gone through some sort of change in your own life.

In the dream, you realized that you had an injured cat, so this person ought to stand out to you because of their hurts. You went to get rid of the cat so you wouldn't have to deal with it, which makes me think that this is a relationship that you wouldn't want to deal with in real life.

My final thought is that the dream may be shown to you so that you can avoid this relationship before you really get involved with this person. In the end, at the "break-up" phase, things could really get "messy" - and frightening as well.

**For the record, I'm not saying that this is a romantic relationship. It could be, but it could also be just a friendship or even an acquaintance.


***************This dream manifested. I married a man who had no desire for me, and no longer wants me. It is messy, sad and frightening for me. Jesus has carried me through, and I have coped. I only wish I would have paid attention to the red flags.
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Re: Melting Cat

Post by True Flight on Tue Feb 18, 2014 9:25 pm

This sounds exactly like what I went threw. However I dint handle it to well. I really went into self destruct mode. I lived a life time of rejection. It was so hard, But God always kept me close. When I got to the other side, God brought me a blessing that I cant contain. It overflows on a daily basis. He will do the same for you, and maybe more.
True Flight
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