Fitting three parts together and a Manuel

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Fitting three parts together and a Manuel

Post by steadygaze on Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:07 am

Hello Precious ones I had two separate dreams but I think they go together.

Dream 1

I was given three big round shape metal parts. All three metal parts were different in shape around the outer edges. One was rough and one was smooth and I forget the last one. Anyway I was to figure out how to put all three inside each other to make them one.

Dream 2
I was given this Manuel and the pages were in pieces and somehow I had to figure out how to put this Manuel together in order to read it. I kept waking up off and on going back into this dream to figure it out all morning this morning in the natural. I think it had to do with putting the parts together in the first dream. lol Scratch Chin 
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