Where Am I and Broken Door

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Where Am I and Broken Door

Post by wiselisa58 on Sat Jan 18, 2014 6:07 pm

In my dream I was in this unknown place.  It seems like it may have been an apartment.  I was running down the steps. And to myself I said that I needed to slow down and pay attention to this dream.  So, I started tugging on a pair of burgundy curtains that were up to a window where the steps were and I was asking God what is this.  Then when I got down to the bottom of the steps there were these little girls clothes.  I started holding them up and observing them. They were new clothes and it was a lot of them. And I asked God where was I at, while I was looking at the clothes.  Then this lady appeared out of nowhere and I asked her where I was at.  She told me something about the Forest.  So, I repeated it back to her and she turned around smiling saying yes.  She told me to look it up and then she walked out of the door.  I followed her out of the door asking her about my registered nurse job, but she was long gone.  I could see all these people looking at me, so I went back into the apartment and I was trying to lock the door.  There seemed to be about 10 locks on the door.  I got the locks on the door at the bottom, but I couldn’t get the top three locked.  It seems as if the door was broke and then someone knocked on the door and it fell down.  The person who knocked on the door was smiling and allowed them to come in.  And then I was taking them to my bedroom and I was trying to find it at the same time.

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