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Work Events Dream

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Wed Jan 15, 2014 7:30 am

In one dream, I was at work. I seemed to be working with people from 1st shift. One guy got rubber jammed up into the blending part of a certain machine - it was super-exaggerated in the dream and not possible to do like that in real life.

Next, I found an older woman who I understood to be the 3rd shift lab lady, Linda. She didn't look like how she does in real life at all. She looked quite elderly (although she's around retirement age). She basically said something to me about my birthday coming up - sorta to let me know that she knew or remembered. When she did, I thought to myself that I was going to joke about my real life age in my response to her. I was going to say something like, "Yeah, I'll be 29." However, I didn't say that because I considered that 29 might actually be believable, and I didn't want to lie, per se. So, I said, "Yeah, I'll be 21..." which I knew she wouldn't believe, and that made the joke ok (to me).

Two days later, these scenes manifested:

As soon as I walked in the door, yesterday, I looked over at the blending machine and saw a crowd of people there. There was rubber jammed up in the blender roll (not as exaggerated as in the dream), and the guy who had done it in my dream was the one in the machine trying to get it out (it was turned off and locked out). What's more, he wasn't even the one running it - he was just helping. I remembered the dream, instantly, and afterwards someone came up to me to point out that there was probably still some material jammed in it, so later on someone would have to detail clean it. I see now that the conversation was just emphasize that this was the manifestation of the first part of the dream.

Then there was the part about the older lab lady and my birthday. She works 3rd shift, so I never really expected to see her. In fact, I assumed that a day was going to come where I would have to work late to cover for the 3rd shift lead and that would be the time when we interacted. Well, she had to come in early at 6:00 to cover for the lab guy on my own shift. Anyway, there's two details about that which make sense to me, now. First, the birthday part: My thoughts in the dream were whether or not to exaggerate my age to a point where it'd be an obvious joke. Well, in real life, I wasn't even going to mention my birthday at all, but the dream came to mind, so I asked her if she remembered something important coming up soon - and she did, of course. That's because her grandson and I share the same birthday, so she never forgets. Since she remembered my birthday (as I expected), I asked if she knew how old I was going to be. She was really close - she said 34, so I jokingly said, "Again?!" I told her it'd be 35, and I asked her if I looked it...which she said I didn't look like I was out of my 20's (bless her heart). Then she tried to remember her son's age...which was more difficult for her than my age!

The detail about HER age, though, also makes sense. In our conversation, she told me that she's officially submitted her paperwork to retire this July! I didn't expect that - nor did anyone else.


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