Engagement dream?

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Engagement dream?

Post by Destine on Tue Jan 14, 2014 4:40 pm

So I had this dream last night:I was at my old church, the first lady tells me her oldest son got engaged. I said that was a great thing, I run into him and he says "I still love you Destine." IRL:He started dating a Girl whose younger sister has my exact name(spelling too) looks and acts like me,after I send him a card while he attempted to kill himself. Now, I told his mom a dream I had in 2008 where I was married to him, Pastor Paula was hosting us. I did not tell her the fact that her son was my husband in the dream. For some reason I think she knew. Part of that dream came true in August 2013: We started going to Paula white's church, I also started seeing my future. Now I just find this dream to be odd, I never base life off of dreams but mine are usually true.
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