Some tradgdy in a field I had forgotten and moving to Oklahoma.

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Some tradgdy in a field I had forgotten and moving to Oklahoma.

Post by steadygaze on Sun Jan 12, 2014 7:06 am


I was with the Iris clan from my mission school in Africa for some reunion or something. Well my friend Paula who has a ministry in Russia and some other friends decide to go into this field to celebrate and explore. I was behind them but they do not seem to pay attention to me coming with them. They are way ahead and I watch as they run and laugh across the field and all of a sudden I remember a painful event that happened in that same field on the same date we were there.It had happened deep in the woods of this field. I thought why am I here on the same date as this tragedy? I am deeply upset that Paula and my classmates would leave me behind as if I did not exist. All of a sudden I am looking at a cemetery markers and great losses in this field.I head back to where I lived in the central cast for a short time but in the dream I am living there. I tell the lady who lives there that something tragic happened in my past and for some reason it is coming up for me. I cannot remember what is was. I said to Celie, I need to move to Oklahoma because there was something I needed and needed to do there. When I woke up I had no clue what the tragic memory was or the reason why I was to move to Oklahoma.
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