Not Really Winter, Dishes, Shadow

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Not Really Winter, Dishes, Shadow

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Tue Jan 07, 2014 10:29 am

I was standing on the front doorstep of a neighbor's house. My actions were that of removing snow. I was using a vacuum cleaner, though. Shortly into this, I was aware that I was outside with just indoor clothes on - just jeans, shoes and shirt. I expected it to be super cold, but it was more like Spring cold. At this realization, I also saw that there wasn't any snow - it had all melted.

I walked back to my house. On the way, I saw my old pastor's son getting into his car in his parents' driveway. He didn't pay any attention to me. An elderly neighbor said to me from her front door, "He needs to learn what it was like to live in the 'Good Old Days.'" In my mind, I was in agreement with her...whatever that meant.

Inside my house, I walked over to an open cabinet in my living room. Now, in real life, I have two bookcases on either side of the base of the stairs to the upstairs. In the dream, the right side was a cabinet with glass in the doors - like a china cabinet. Inside were a few large glass vases, but most of the contents were glass plates/platters. They weren't flat plates - the outer edges were raised. What I was doing, though, was trying to stack these plates on you'd normally see dishes displayed in something like this. There was a row of them where all but the front one were standing this way, and I tried to place the front one in the same position. However, there wasn't enough shelf left to keep it there - it hung over the edge just a bit, and I also thought that the door wouldn't close.

At this point, I was aware that there was an intruder in my house. A spirit that looked like a shadow - just black. I knew that it had just went into the kitchen and was heading to the basement. I went after it. It had closed the door to the stairs behind it, but not all the way. I leapt against the door and held on to it as it swung into the basement stairway. My intention was to hit that thing just behind the door. However, it had avoided me.

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