At a beach, but it was set up like a movie theater

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At a beach, but it was set up like a movie theater

Post by Daisy on Fri Dec 27, 2013 7:33 pm

I was at a beach that was set up like a movie theater, as if you walked into the movie theater to pick your seat, how you have two doors (one on each side). The entrances though were on the top and you walked down (in the theaters by my house, you walk in the doors and walk UP the stairs to pick your seats).  Instead of picking a seat, it was filled with sand, and it was on an incline like a movie theater would be. The water/ocean was at the bottom of the slope, where the motion picture would have been if it was a theater. It was a darker setting, but not scary.  The entrances on both sides up above, had light illumination from the openings (just like a movie theater does before the show starts).  I was by myself and I walked down the incline and picked my spot on the sand.  I layed down flat on my belly. There were two people behind me that I could overhear talking while I was relaxing in the sand.  They were talking about an old friend of mine, and how she can be quite a demanding person. They were talking how she was a perfectionist. They were saying she can really be brutal, if you cross her the wrong way, or if you hurt her.  In my mind, I was thinking, "Everything they are saying about her is definitely the truth.". (IRL all those things are true, BUT she is also a very tender and compassionate person at times as well.)

End of dream

Would love to hear any thoughts....

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