Jesus, Fix My Life!

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Jesus, Fix My Life!

Post by Jasmine on Sun Dec 22, 2013 3:07 pm

I have found out why I am going through my recent bout of depression. I am deeply dissatisfied with my life and my relationship with God. I am on the path to recovery, but first I need to analyze my thoughts, actions, past, etc. The problem is that I need a buddy to tell everything to. I would ask my therapist, but I don't know if she is a Christian. Our sessions are recorded so she can't say. All I want is an honest, Godly opinion and someone to listen. Everyone in my life is judgmental and are predisposed to believe a certain way about me. Of course, I'm talking about the people that know me best - my family. It's not that I can't trust them. I just don't want to see their reactions. If I tell someone on here, it will be easier for me to handle. But anyways, I'd appreciate someone who I have talked to on here or maybe a moderator. Any takers?
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