Big Snow and Phone Call

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Big Snow and Phone Call

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:41 am

This is a simple dream that manifested within the first hour or so of waking up from it.

In the dream, I looked out a window and saw the biggest snowflakes I have ever seen. They only fell for a few moments, and then the snow stopped.

Next, I'm out on my front step, shoveling. There was snow everywhere. While shoveling, my 90-year-old neighbor was talking to me on the phone. She was saying something about me having to go get a massage for back pain. My back was fine, but I knew that she was just expressing concern about how I'd feel after all the shoveling. I was quick to finish the phone call because it was a distraction from getting the shoveling job done.


I woke up this morning and could only see the tops of the trees from where I was in bed. I could see a blue sky, so I was excited to think that the snow that was in the forecast had missed us. When I went to bed last night, it wasn't snowing.

Well, I got out of bed and looked at the ground. Man, probably 6 inches of snow! So, I geared up and went out to shovel. My neighbor was already snow-blowing, so I really only had to get the spots that he couldn't get. I did this for a few neighbors since he was getting the majority of the snow. The 90-year-old neighbor peeked her head out to ask me to clear the fire hydrant. No big deal. Then, I went to another neighbor's house to do their porch and steps, and that same 90-year-old neighbor tried to call me on the phone. Actually, I heard my phone ring in my pocket, but I didn't bother to check it since I was in the middle of something - I wanted to get the job done. When I got back home, I saw who had called. She probably figured that I had been finished since she could no longer see me, but I was actually at another house.

Simple dream, simple manifestation. Quite literal. Still, I love when God speaks...even if it may seem insignificant.

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