Feeling like I am being treated unfairly at my college

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Feeling like I am being treated unfairly at my college

Post by Destine on Fri Dec 20, 2013 7:34 pm

SO, as you all know I haven't had a good first semester in college, or in a "real" school setting. Everything was drama, and filled with me getting sick. I did my homework, did pretty well on it. Did my finals, I know I got two A's and a B, and I am not sure about the other one. However, my grades reflect 3 C's and one F. Can you all pray that this changes? I know two of the professors seemed to have it out for me, one had to be humbled and convicted by God. One I think deducted my grade (I did a speech class and I had to do a persuasive speech on something, and one of the things I did my professor couldn't do) and I think he got mad, and he treated me differently than the other students. Anyways, just please pray. I already want to just finish the spring semester, quit and go apply to another school. It's too much for me to handle with all of the middle school immature drama.
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