Walking through the mall barefoot

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Walking through the mall barefoot

Post by Daisy on Fri Dec 20, 2013 6:07 am

I had a dream I was walking through the mall BAREFOOT!  I thought to myself during the dream, that I should probably have shoes to go in, but for some reason at the time I didn't have any on hand.  I continued through the mall anyways, thinking most likely nobody is going to raise a fuss.  (IRL I do not love to be barefoot, I prefer to wear socks even around the house.) I had a few things to get from Kohls, and had I realized at first I was in Macy's.  So I continued to walk throughout the mall barefooted. At Kohls I was looking for a coffee cup similar to my favorite one I have irl right now.  I wanted another one to have in rotation.  I was looking for other things too...just not sure what as I look back on the dream.  I remember thinking of using my coupons and saving money while at kohls. I dont shop at macy's irl, too expensive.  lol! 

I think on my way out of the mall (at Macy's), I bumped into my old friend who I have cut ties with.  She was happy to see me, and hugged me.  It seemed a little fake though.  She seemed much taller than she is in real life, and I thought to myself during the dream, perhaps she seemed so tall bc I was barefooted and not wearing heals like I usually do.  She started asking me why we lost touch with one another, and I didn't really answer her straight.  Her husband came up and interrupted us, allowing me to dodge this question. He was saying they had to get going, but I felt as if it was in order to protect her from this confrontation somehow. I felt relieved that i didn't have to answer in detail why I stepped away from the friendship.  As they were over on the other side of the store though (before they left), I got the bravery to go over to her and tell her straight up why I ended our friendship.  I told her bluntly that I ended this friendship because she is a gossip, and is constantly talking about other people, and that she is not a friend that I can trust to keep confidentiality with.  Though I worded it in the dream that she was not a good secret keeper.  She looked dumbfounded in the dream, like she had no clue.  In the dream she didn't combat back like her personality would have irl.  I think her husband pulled her by the arm, and said 'Lets go."  Important notation, before I bumped into her in the dream, I remember praying to God to deliver me from any evil. (This is what i have prayed irl when this friend and I have had to be at the same event  as one another, and The Lord delivered me from a face to face conflict with her.  Somehow we ended up being at the celebration at different times.  Its really a miracle we didn't bump into one another at the last event. I still hope I never bump into her anywhere, bc she can be intimidating to my kind of non-conflict personality irl.)

Dream ended

IRL this friend and i were very close friends.  I would share all my info with her.  There were a few incidences, where somehow things I told her in confidence got to our pastor (who her husband is best friends with).  I know in my spirit it was her who told him these things...yet I couldn't 'prove' it. I started taking a closer look at the friendship and realized how often she was talking about other people in the church and their issues.  She said she was sharing these things with me bc I would pray for the people (and I would).  Somehow, I got the bright idea, that if she was doing this with other peoples confidential info, that she would more than likely be doing this to me and having others pray for me when I was going through something. Thats why when I was going through some major transitions, and health concerns about year and a half or so ago, this friend was tying to find out what was going on with me. She is very good at getting people to share info with her, and to open up.  I found myself not wanting to get together with her bc I didn't want everyone or anyone to know what things I was going through...and frankly I didn't trust her big mouth.  I started backing off from the friendship and i was too afraid to confront the situation, bc she is extremely aggressive and combative...loving this kind of conflict.  So I just distanced myself, bc I was going through too much stress and anxiety to deal with a confrontation of this sorts at the time.  I didn't have any peace about confronting the situation, until a close friend of mine encouraged me to send an email.  I had such a peace about this, that I took the next 3 hours to share my heart with my old friend, explaining why I no longer wanted a friendship with her.  It felt so great to get this off my chest/heart and I loved that there was no battle that followed!!!  I thought for sure that she would respond, bc of her personality type, and I predetermined that I would not respond to her email if she did respond.  She attempted to text me, saying she didnt know if that was my phone number or not, simply that I did not respond to.  Im happy, but also equally surprised that she didn't ever email back. Im sure its because she really loves confrontation, and thats pretty unfulfilling through email.

Thoughts, interps anyone???

Ephesians 2:8,9 For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.

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