Heart Gem Dream

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Heart Gem Dream

Post by +<>< on Tue Dec 17, 2013 9:02 pm

I was at home with my parents, yet I remember relating to my mother only. I found somewhere a 2-inch, heart-shaped ruby stone. I also happened to have a sterling silver heart setting that it somehow snapped into from behind. I didn't feel that it was secure enough, though, so I went and asked my mother for something that could help, even lighter-duty glue. Before I did this, I slid the whole piece on a chain and placed it around my one cat's neck. I also let him outside into my front yard. It seemed like he wouldn't go away too far, yet I would never do this in reality.

Mother thought it was nice that I found it, but she neither knew about the stone being here or was thrilled that we had it. I remember telling her that I was going to use the glue she found for me because, "I don't want to lose something that uncommon/rare." Then I went outside and picked my cat up to retrieve the piece, but the stone was gone. Mother was indifferent about what happened, like she didn't really care and practically expected me to lose it.

I actually didn't panic, although feeling terrible that I may have lost the stone for good, but I wanted to be optimistic that I might find it again. Besides, it seemed like kitty stayed close by while talking to mom. There was some light snow while there was daylight, yet it melted away at night. When I first looked down to where kitty was prior on my front step, I found a stone that looked close to what was in the setting, but it didn't have the same center faceting like the original. I wanted the first stone because it looked better in all ways than this one. I scanned more of the front yard and it was now dark as I reached the upper part of our front sidewalk, and I found another slimmer, checkerboard-faceted pink heart stone. Moreover, this one I could tell was definitely glass. I felt sad, though I didn't get to look in our back yard. I woke up shortly after finding the faux pink stone.

Not much of the scheme of this dream made any sense, like the stone fitting into the back of a random silver setting that we just had, or me gracing one of my two cats with a valuable piece, or even my mother's attitude. And why did I find the other stones rather easily? I usually have dreams that leave me feeling disappointed and sad, and like most of the ones I remember after waking up I really wanted to forget this dream. Maybe it is still valid to an extent. What do you think?
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