I needed some money for real

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I needed some money for real

Post by KDRE on Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:19 pm

Hello everyone! Its been awhile but I do check in ever so often just to see if you guys are still going strong in God and I believe you are, so it's always a great place to visit.

Just wanted to share one quick dream I had. I've been off of work since July (laid off) and the funds at hand that I had were getting low. I needed some money to help pay bills so one night I went to sleep and had a dream about a guy I worked with in the past at my old company. He didn't work there but he was a vendor and we were always on friendly terms.

Anyway, in the dream he was walking in front of me into his home. He told me he had his office in his home and before we walked in the door, the dream ended.

I called him the next few days or the next day I dont recall just to see how he was doing because I had little to no contact with him since i left the old job. Anyway he was busy but after a few minutes about how I was doing he told me that he had some work that needed to get done for the IRS and didn't have time to get it done.

He mentions to me that he has his office in his home andhe was planning on moving it at some point soon because he got married. The very next week im walking into his home and the week after that I go back to do some work for him, complete it and got paid so I took care of my bills.

I think that God is just awesome that he is always ahead of us, and knows exactly what we need and makes ways you just never know. I appreciate him even more for showing this to me before it even happened because I can give him glory and acknowledge that it really was him who did that for me.

I hope this is an encouragement in any kind of way. If you don't believe God is not hearing you or answering you because its not happening the way you expected, always remember Jeremiah 29:11
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Re: I needed some money for real

Post by king Rex on Sat Nov 08, 2014 4:53 pm

Thank you, I need some encouragement now

king Rex
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