Going down a river on a log.

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Going down a river on a log.

Post by hisbeauty4ashes on Thu Jan 08, 2009 9:20 am

Hi beloved ones.


I went to a river that was calm and still and had such a beautiful slow flow. I was at this river with five couples and a couple of them were my friends. There were these five logs all lined up at this boating dock for us to climb on and the logs were to take us to our destiny or what and were we were to go to step into what we were called for. It is hard to explain anyway, I get on one couples log that was in the middle of all the logs thinking that was the log I was to ride on to get to where I was going which I did not know exactly where that was. Well there is this other couple and the guy of the couple did not get on his log yet he was talking to someone and there was something not right with the log I got on. The lady and the guy on the first log seemed as if they were angelic like. There was something different about that couple they radiated the Lords love it was amazing. Anyway the lady looked at me and said," you are on the wrong log to ride where the Lord desires for you to go. I looked at her and I said," I sensed I was on the wrong log." she said none of those other logs are going where we are going not many go where we are going you are called to go on our log. I got off my log and climbed on theirs.

Interesting I was wondering what in the world do the logs represent. duh

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