Crazy Bus Ride

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Crazy Bus Ride

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sat Dec 07, 2013 6:58 am

The dream begins with me walking the halls of my old high school. It was about 2:00pm - maybe a couple minutes before. I was planning to go to my 6th hour class, which I felt was my final class of the day. The thing is, I wasn't all that sure what that class was! So, I had no idea where I should go. Eventually, I found my brother in this place, and when I spoke to him, it actually became clear to me that the 6th hour class wasn't my final class of the day - we actually had 7 classes each day. When I asked him what my last two classes were, he wasn't helpful at all. So, now I had two classes to figure out, and no idea what they were. Not only that, but I considered the time (2:00), and when I thought about how the day would be over at 3:20, I knew that I was already missing the 6th hour it was a lost cause to figure out what that class was supposed to be since I was already late. Since nothing was getting any clearer to me, I actually decided to leave school least for the day. I headed toward the entrance/exit, and as I did so I passed a room where the wall that touched the hallway was glass so that I could see what was happening inside. I saw a man that I understood to be the principal of the school, and he was speaking to teachers/administrators who were seated in desks. I thought about going in and speaking to him about my problem, but I decided against it since it felt like it'd be too disruptive.

In the parking lot, I got onto a school bus to take me home. The inside of this thing was far from what I expected. It was spacious, and there weren't a ton of seats like a normal bus. Instead, there were tables and chairs here and there, and even a couch or two. This bus wasn't meant to carry a lot of people, which was all part of the experience. I ended up sitting on this piece of furniture that was like half of a couch - it had an arm rest on one end, but not the other. When I did this, I also chose to act as if I was asleep. I was tired, yes, but I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep so that I wouldn't be bothered by anyone else. The available seats were occupied and the ride began...

When we started, I no longer pretended to sleep. Now, the bus driver was the star of this event. When he stepped onto the bus, others responded with anticipation of what was about to take place. It was as if many had heard about the way he did his thing. This guy was interesting to look at - he was an African American, a hair overweight, and while he wore a bus driver's uniform, he wore it in such a way as of it say that he was an individual - a bit of a non-conformist. Like, he didn't tuck his shirt in, and I believe that his shoes weren't what you'd normally expect - like, maybe tennis shoes or something.

The bus driver started the bus moving forward, and then he stood up from his seat and faced us. Yes, we were heading down the road, and this guy wasn't even driving at this point - and it was all part of his act. He greeted us, welcoming everyone to his bus - sorta like the initial welcome on an airplane. I couldn't believe we were heading down the road and he wasn't at the wheel. The road was straight, so it was like he knew just how much time we had before he'd have to return to the wheel and do something. As part of his spiel, he informed us that we each had to sign and turn in a piece of paper that was going to be our "Passport." It was a blank piece of yellow/gold paper, and all it'd have on it was our signature. It was far from serious. So, each person did just that. As we did, another passenger called out to me from my left. I looked over, and it was my 90-year-old neighbor of all people. She was confused on the passport thing, so I stood up and went over to where she was - seated at a table. I saw that she actually had a real passport sitting there, and I told her that this wasn't what he wanted, and that all she had to do was sign the paper. I helped her for a moment, then returned to my seat.

The bus driver had us in some busy traffic, and he was weaving in and out of it like it was nothing. This guy had me on the edge of my seat, because I had no idea what he was going to do or if this ride was going to end in disaster or something. Still, I felt like he really was in control, and that this was what he did all the time. I looked up ahead and saw a bunch of young people crossing the street at a crosswalk. I thought the guy was going to hit them! However, he stopped with the front of the bus right at the crosswalk. None of the young people even seemed aware of him - the just kept on with their conversations while crossing the street. When they had almost finished crossing, I saw one young guy who was dawdling in the street right in front of the bus. I knew that the driver was going to mess with him. The kid's attention was elsewhere as he walked with his focus on the ground. The bus driver inched the bus forward, bit by bit, and even bumped into the kid. This shook the kid out of whatever daze he had been in, and he moved faster through the crosswalk now that he was "awake." He had a look of disbelief as to what the bus driver did.

We continued on our way, and it felt like the bus driver did other things like this throughout the ride. I believe that I got to wherever I was headed, because a time came where I got off the bus. I got a good look at the driver on the way out, but he didn't say or do anything that would break the character of his Crazy Bus Ride routine.

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