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Post by TheWhiteShadow on Fri Dec 06, 2013 5:42 am

I was at work. There was a guy there that I knew in high school. We were decent friends, I suppose. We're still FB friends, but one of those "zero interaction" ones. His name is Bill/William. Now, in the dream, there was also a group of important people visiting the factory, but they weren't necessarily a part of our company. I believe they were from an outside group. Well, the group had let me know that they wanted Bill to come down to the break room (where they were meeting) and pose for some photo shoot. They wanted him to flex and show off his muscles (in real life, this guy isn't fit), and so I found him and led him to the group.

When I turned him over to the group, a woman from among them indicated to me that I should sit in a chair just outside the room. There were a couple other people there as well. She let the door close behind her, but she could still see me through the window. In real life, this area has no space for seating or anything like that. Anyway, I sat in the chair, which was also some type of rocking chair. I was careful to not cause it to move because I didn't know if it would make any disruptive sound. The woman saw me, and she sort of shook her head in disapproval. I didn't understand, so she opened the door back up and said to me, "You could get your school paid for if you made enough sound!" So, I decided to do one full-motion rock in the chair, and it made a surprising amount of noise!

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