Living in San Francisco...

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Living in San Francisco...

Post by Shan on Thu Dec 05, 2013 11:57 am

I dreamed that I had moved to San Francisco. For what reason, I don't really know. I remember thinking that I would have to adjust to a new lifestyle of just the basics because it is so expensive to live there. I was standing in the streets with thousands of people who had gathered to see the new bridge columns that were meant to be iconic for the city. The columns on the bridge were that of Greek or Roman architecture and it was grand! The actual top of the bridge hadn't been added yet. I looked at the apartments that were along the street and wondered which one I would be living in and what the accommodations would be like. I also was standing next to a friend I knew from high school and was glad that she was there. However, she seemed uninterested in my being there. I had a funny idea that we should all wear togas to be in line with the architecture as we were lined up along the streets because all this was being televised. She was not amused, but I was dying laughing at the idea! My friend just wanted to be with her boyfriend.

At some point, we all went to an amusement park. It was very fun and the weather was just gorgeous! My friend's brother was there and he used to like me IRL, and although I was friendly, I didn't want to stir anything up. Another guy came up to me who had been drinking and he wanted to dance in the streets with me as there was music playing. Again, I was nice to him, but didn't really want to dance with him.

Next, I went to an NBA game in San Fran. I don't think they really have a professional team, but I could be wrong. I went up to this young guy who was standing on the basketball court wearing a jersey and holding a ball. I thought he was a fan. I asked him if Dirk Nowitzki was traded to their team. The guy said he wasn't because there was a disagreement between America and Dirk's home country and he was deported back there. As the game went on, the guy I was talking to was the point guard for San Fran. I laughed at myself because I had NO idea that I was talking to an actual member of the team, because I normally wouldn't bother someone like that!

While at the game, a man came up to us and invited us to the professional baseball game that was going on. He said that he wanted all the single people to sit in this one area, so I followed. When we sat down, I noticed that there were two baseball fields that looked like they doubled as football fields. The baseball stands were poorly designed because we couldn't see a thing. We were sitting in an area where the two fields intersected and all we could see were the seats. I said to one guy that this couldn't be a professional field at all.

Next, I got up to leave and I noticed that I had left my purse. I went back to get it and a lady said another lady took my purse, but she had managed to get my cash out of the purse and she handed it to me. I thought that I'd have to cancel my cards and I worried about my driver's license because I couldn't fly back to Texas without it. Just then, a young man that I had been talking to came up to me and he handed me my purse. He had managed to get it away from her by threatening to expose her for it. He told me she was a very wealthy socialite and her family was comparative to Donald Trump and that she did not want it in the papers that she stole someone's purse. I remember that the purse was black.

My overall feeling about San Francisco was that most of the people went out of their way to be nice to me. I was so surprised by this! BTW, I have been to SF in real life.
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