Possible direction dreams

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Possible direction dreams

Post by justicarjamie on Wed Dec 04, 2013 9:10 am

Lately I've been praying for direction in my life, I'm back in Texas now that my husband no longer wants me, and am not employed due to the hospital where I worked downsizing. I had these 2 dreams last night.

I was sitting at church and the pastor was preaching about this older woman sitting in our congregation who was needed healing. The pastor went on to say the lady would lead a better life and have great sex and either was or would be pregnant, and to pray and in my mind I was conflicted about the last part because I felt a little mad that I hadn't had that myself, but I prayed anyway. The pastor said to hold our hands out and to imagine her healing and the part we imagined was something like letting the suns rays soak in and the body absorb them to heal the part inside. After the healing I noticed on the wall were two things that you could look at to access like a computer. The first was something like it recorded blessings, but I did not have much there, just a picture or two I could not recognize. The second thing said Inbox, and I was thinking to send some of the pictures I had of the church to that.
Then I was sitting at what appeared to be my old workplace at the hospital. It was dark and I was sitting at a desk with other people. A movie was playing and it was the movie Ice Age, my boss was sitting at another desk watching over us. It was the overnight hours that I used to work. The movie skimmed through but focused on the last part where the animals brought the baby back to the dad. I started to fill out a strip of paper and the writing that caught my eye was “tips for the night $84”. I put the strip of paper where it belonged with a piece of tape and knew my boss was thinking she might have me do the job she was doing because she didn't like staying up.

I've been applying at places from everything to waiting tables to retail to office work. So the second dream is interesting, not quite sure what the first dream is going for.
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