I don't have a clue on what to title this.

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I don't have a clue on what to title this.

Post by Jasmine on Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:40 pm

Okay. So in the dream, I was taking a cab home. The driver and were on the highway, but I could tell by the signs that we were on the wrong highway. I saw him send out an email to his driver friends not to pick me up because my house was hard to find. He used my email to identify me. He couldn't take me home so we decided to drop me of at a university/aquarium. I decided since I was there, I would check out the university, even though it had nothing to do with my future career. This university specialized in marine life. In the front of the building where I was dropped off in front of, were these sea lions. They wore gloves on their paws to prevent them from scratching the trainers. I went inside and at first I was hiding. Then they found me and talked to me as if I was interested in the university. There was and heir and heiress there, a couple, and they talked to me. The wife talked to me about an enemy that they had who wanted to hurt the marine life. She got over-emotional and excused herself. The husband told me that really she wanted to hurt the sea lions. The wife overheard us and she wanted to show me who the enemy was. She warned me because I told her which school I went to. She showed me a picture of him when he was young and then of him now. I recognized him as the director of my school. I panicked on the inside then proceeded to exit the building. I had the urgency to run.
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