String of odd dreams

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String of odd dreams

Post by justicarjamie on Sat Nov 30, 2013 6:31 pm

Had a string of dreams, in no particular order...
1. I befriended a strange creature, like a spider, but furry, he had 4 short legs, and 4 long legs that he kept tucked in until he needed to use him and a long paddle like tail. His fur was white with black markings. I rode this creature, who seemed to be my good friend. We rode through many obstacles and I ended up falling off him going over a waterfall. I looked for him and he looked for me. It was a strange dream, but the creature made me feel happy and loved.
2. I was seeing what seemed like Tony Stark (iron man) and his wife Pepper. But it was like I was pepper, and we were not married yet but Tony really liked me. I would not give myself to him unless we were married. Tony seemed sad but the dream had kind of a sly tone. Like I was being flirty but not giving anything away until a marriage was had.
3. I was standing outside during the daytime, and I looked up into the sky as a huge cloud of dark smoke went streaking through the air, and it was loud. It seemed very close, and I was thinking it was a comet.
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