Delivering A Note

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Delivering A Note

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sat Nov 30, 2013 8:09 am

Here's the dream:

I was given a note from my sister. I don't believe that I actually saw her. I don't know if what I was told to do was on the note, or if someone spoke to me. I was told to take this to Rock. Rock was a place, like a city or town. So, my sister wanted me to take this note of hers there, and I agreed. I wasn't exactly enthusiastic about it. It was more like I was doing it out of duty, but it wasn't something I really wanted to do.

I was travelling on a road that came to a "T" intersection. I could go right, which would eventually lead to Rock; or, I could go left, which seemed to be the place that I'd normally go. This kinda reinforced that Rock was out of the way for me, touching on inconvenience. Now that I'm awake, I'm a bit ashamed of my selfishness in this dream. Anyway, I'm at the intersection, and I'm going to go right - I never felt like I had a choice to make; I had already accepted going to Rock before I got there. However, I looked straight ahead (beyond the intersection) and a slight bit off to the right, and I saw the dome of the capitol beyond some trees. It wasn't too far away. When I saw it, I also saw that the dome had a slight dent in it. This is my state capitol, by the way. Anyway, I saw that, thought about where it was (Madison), and either said or thought, "When are we going to be done with this...?"

The manifestation:

In real life, I had just learned the day before that my sister's engine was ruined from overheating while travelling to or from Madison - her daily commute. The cost to replace it would be anywhere from $1600 to $3000 - I believe that one extreme includes labor, while the engine, itself, would cost closer to $1600.

I understood that the dream was about praying for my sister's situation. Taking a note (prayer) to Rock (THE Rock, Jesus). So, I did.

My sister didn't think she could file an insurance claim since there was no accident. But, she decided to call them, anyway. When they asked her if she had hit or run over anything, she remember that she had actually hit some tire debris on the interstate not long before the engine went. Come to find out, that debris had punctured something related to the coolant, causing coolant to drain out - thus, the overheating. Because of this detail, she was able to file a claim and will only have to pay her deductible.

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