A Swampy Building And A Snake

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A Swampy Building And A Snake

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Fri Nov 29, 2013 10:58 am

I was walking through this building that was like a huge warehouse or factory. It wasn't wide open - there were hallways to walk down, but because it was big like a warehouse, it wasn't like it was tight spaces. The place had swampy water in it, at least ankle-deep. It was a pretty icky look to the place. And, while I was there, I was trying to reach a certain room. There was a huge snake in this place, though. It was easily as wide as a man is tall. Part of its body stood upright, like a cobra would (it did have a cobra look to it, too). That part was probably the height of two men. Anyway, it was prowling or patrolling this place, and I needed to get past it to make it to that room. There was a strong feeling like this was the 2nd time I was attempting this, and that I had failed the first time. I did end up getting past it, though. I also think that there were a couple people with me, but I never got a look of who they were.

*The swampy water is most likely the indicator of the nature of the snake (the threat). Most likely some negative emotion, like depression or guilt or something - based upon previous dreams.


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