Bus Ride with Cindy and a Miscarriage

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Bus Ride with Cindy and a Miscarriage

Post by rosebush on Wed Nov 27, 2013 10:43 pm

Happy Thanksgiving!

Had this puzzling dream a couple sleeps ago. I used to drive school bus. This dream has me riding a small size school bus with a driver named Brett. Another fellow driver was next to me Cindy. Dream had several parts and I cannot remember the exact order. We are somewhere on this bus and Cindy gets up from the seat to my left and gets off. The man next to her tells me that I can move over next to him if I like. I cannot remember if I did this or not but don't remember it, so maybe not. I remember the bus crossing train tracks and see that there is a train coming but we are safe. I remember noting that Brett was our driver and that I felt safe with him. IRL Brett seemed like a kind man when I met him but later down the road discovered he had a host of rudeness issues. Ironically also IRL with each bus I had, he always seemed to be waiting in line to drive that bus and was especially with the last bus very pushy about driving a bus that he had previously given up and I was given to drive. Eventually I left and he was given the last route back.

In one scene I have a difficult child I used to drive in my care and he was misbehaving, bothering those in front of him. So I warned him he would have to sit behind me in another seat if he didn't stop.

Then there is a scene of a slender and attractive red haired man who wants me to give him a haircut. I am apprehensive because I am not a professional at all at hair cutting and I don't feel confident, tell him I would only do it if I can have someone check the cut to touch it up after me. I never do cut his hair but am running my hands through his hair as though planning how to go about it. I do remember sliding on a pair of fashion type boots and walking away.

Another scene with friend Cindy, who is also red headed, and she has a young woman with her who in the dream is her daughter. In the dream Cindy's personality is more like mine. Daughter's name is Nicole Bailey, who I think of as a girl with a Shirley Temple heart. I see Cindy on a road and her and her daughter are parting. The daughter Nicole follows after me and we end up in a shop of some sort and I am at a counter right at the corner. I am talking and thinking about a miscarriage that my aunt and uncle had of their first child many years ago. I can either see someone with the miscarried child in their hand or at least in my own mind's eye in my own hand. I do see Nicole walking through the shop doors.

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