My huband and I both dream about me going through attack.

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My huband and I both dream about me going through attack.

Post by redeeminglove on Wed Nov 27, 2013 7:28 am

My husband had a dream that we were on vacation at the beach. I was in the water and I got bit by a creature. We looked at the creature and knew it was not a real creature. It was like a shrimp with big teeth. We knew there was a special way to get it off and we managed to get it off. The next thing we know, I grew a man's private part (weird, I know).

My hubby told me about it. The the following night I dreamt this:

My husband and I were on vacation and decided to go rafting on a river. He receives a message from his work boss requiring him to do something. I wrote the to and from addresses on a brown package that we were to send off. I was not able to see the entire address, the end of the zip code was hard to read. My hubby and I go rafting on separate boats. I fell off and into turbulent waters. I was having a hard time getting to the top of the water to breathe. I just remember accepting that I wasn't going to survive this but I wasn't terrified... it was more as a matter of fact. I then awoke.

I am wondering if these two dreams are connected. They were dreamt one day apart from each other. Any insight?

Thank you in advance
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