Sharks, Bears, love and War

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Sharks, Bears, love and War

Post by Avish on Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:24 am

so they dream starts off im in a room thats filling with water. And i am struggling to get to an open door, "meanwhile, a shark appears in the water." A woman whom i dont know put it in there. i raced to the open door. As i am racing other people are in there racing to the door also. I reach the door and look back all the others where killed by the shark. But i made it through the door.

on the other side i met a girl and her boyfriend/husband. They tell me that they made it out before i did and we where in a hall with an opening to the other side. This woman appears but this time she brings an angry bear.
it runs after us the girls boyfriend gets killed. But i make it out with the girl. Whom has become dramatic from the loss of her boyfriend.

i then find myself at her place comforting her. we end up dating each other and that ends there.

Then a second dream occurs

I walk into an ally way and people are training with giant robotic machines. and are training people to use the for a battle that is engulfed between countries. I find myself already able to operate a suit. They tell me to launch and report to a ship in the ocean. By the time i arrive there are a lot of enemy ships (maybe 50+). I begin to attack them each shot taking out at least one ship. the enemy then send in their own battle machines. i get shot down. I wake up in the dream to find i'm at an ally base with other wounded soldiers. WE see in the distance the enemy approaching. when they arrive they begin finding all wounded soldiers at begin killing each of them. (in very unpleasant ways). me and 4 others escape and report to allies about the situation. we are then put back in machines and as to hold them off till reinforcements arrive. so the five of us hold off the enemy together and reinforcement arrive in time. and the enemy is conquered.

My dream ends there and i wake from the dreams.

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