Dog Takes My Tea Bag

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Dog Takes My Tea Bag

Post by wiselisa58 on Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:55 am

In my dream I was outside. †I put a gas can down on the ground by my car and then I put a green tea bag (tea bag that is used for boiling tea) down beside it. †To myself I was saying that I was getting everything ready. †As soon as I put the tea bag down I saw this dog and I knew that he was going to come and get my tea bag. †And he did. † I didnít do anything to try and stop him. †Then this man came along and retrieves my tea bag from the dog and gave it back to me. There was no real struggle from the man and the dog. †Iím not sure what happen to the dog after this. † I started talking to the man and started telling him about the dog I used to have. †The man started laughing. †Then I went into the house and the man left. †What could this dream mean?

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