Bread And Butter

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Bread And Butter

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun Nov 24, 2013 7:16 am

I had a dream where I was in the kitchen of a home where I lived in the past. I knew that my siblings were around, but my sister was the only one that stood out. On the kitchen counter was a toaster, bread and butter. The bread was in a loaf-bag, and the butter was in a plastic tub (as in, not sticks). Bread and butter was, apparently, what we were having for dinner. This seemed like a positive thing in the dream; it was satisfying to me that this was going to be our meal.

My sister placed it in the other slot - container and all. No, that wouldn't be possible in real life, but it was doable in the dream. When she did this, I felt as if she shouldn't have done so. I expected all the butter to melt. When the toast was done, she removed both the toast and butter from the toaster. The butter had melted, but not entirely. The top layer (maybe 1/2 inch or so) had melted, and she poured some of that over her toast. There was also melted butter within the toaster. It didn't leak out; it just pooled inside.

I took some bread and began to make my own toast. I planned to use my toast to sop up the melted butter within the toaster. I had a few pieces and managed to get a good share of it cleaned up. When I ate the bread, it was just delicious (for bread!). It wasn't ordinary bread - I remember a slice having some apple taste to it, like apple cinnamon or something. Another thing - there was an overabundance of bread. There were trays and trays of loaves stacked up to about my height. I seemed glad about this. Also, the butter didn't really matter to me - I seemed to prefer eating the bread without anything on it.

Next, my mother was arriving. It was a feeling like she was coming home from work or something. I was concerned about the melted butter from earlier, hoping that no one would get in trouble for that. She didn't seem angry at anyone, but I was still reserved around her.

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