Narrow Ladders

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Narrow Ladders

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:37 am

The dream started inside this building, and I felt like I wasn't on the ground floor - like the 2nd or 3rd floor. There was a good-sized group of people there with me, but I was already separate from them at the start of the dream.

I found something in this area - something secret and placed there by someone long ago. Well, that's the feeling I got, anyway. It was an opening in the ceiling with a metal industrial-type ladder, like a fire-escape ladder. I believe that I went up this ladder to find that it brought me to another level in this building. There was nothing on this level but another ladder. At this point, I thought of one coworker named Ken and that he would be the one to climb further. The dream skips to where he was with me and I had told him about this area that I found. He agreed to climb as high as it would go - he had this reckless disregard for safety to him. We returned to the 2nd ladder and I actually got a look at it. The ladder was long enough to reach the next level, but it was ridiculously narrow! I'm talking doll-sized, like an inch across. There was clearly no way for anyone to climb it like a ladder. Ken seemed unfazed, and somehow climbed the ladder to the next level. From here, I could see that this ladder climbing was going to repeat to extreme heights. It was like this building went on and on, upwards. The thing was, it was ladder after ladder without really any flooring between them - maybe a step or narrow ledge. When I saw what he was going to do, I was really afraid for him.

The dream skips, again, and he had reached what seemed to be the end of the ladders. I knew that this level was supposed to have some kind of chests in it, like old treasure chests. I want to say that I thought there would be three of them. However, when he reached that level, it was not as we expected. Something had happened, or maybe it was like there was further to go, but the chests weren't there. This was as far as he could go at this time, but there was a feeling like he might go further later on.

At this point, people from below us had joined him to see what had taken place up here. They just kinda milled about the area, quite casually. Some children ran around as well, and I scolded a couple of them for not being safe - we were still up many floors with the potential to fall. The kids weren't sassy or anything, but they didn't listen to me. It was like I didn't really have authority over them.

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